Kent Giles



Kent Giles, MPPM, is an American fiction author who writes thrillers covering the military, espionage, science, and history. His first novel, Red Sky at Morning, was published in March 2020 and has developed a loyal following among the military, law enforcement, and survivalist communities. His second novel, Operation Grey Wolf, was published in November 2020 and contains previously unpublished information on WW2 espionage, the German officer’s resistance, and Hitler’s escape. Escape of the Grey Wolf is the second book in the Burke Eieger series. It includes recently disclosed information on WW2 Germany’s nuclear program and plans for the Fourth Reich.

Readers who like action, suspense, thoughtful plot development, and accurate fieldcraft especially enjoy Kent’s books. Kent’s research into World War II history and modern-day asymmetrical warfare has generated significant interest among his readers and the intelligence community.

Kent’s background includes serving as a C-Suite executive and management consultant. He is also an expert marksman, martial arts champion, fitness guru, and outdoorsman. Kent lives on a lake in the North Georgia mountains with his wife, Ginger.


Red Sky at Morning

The CIA contracts with consultant Jack Reagan to try and make sense of the emerging chatter. Using his rare systems thinking ability, Reagan follows the money and identifies the world’s largest terrorist organization – The Islamic World Order (IWO). This multi-billion-dollar organization plans to use asymmetric warfare to usher in their long-awaited caliphate, a one-world order under Sharia Law.

Despite the evidence, Washington bureaucrats demand time-consuming confirmation while IWO prepares to kill millions. It’s Armageddon on a biblical scale as IWO prepares to take out America and drive Israel into the sea!

Operation Grey Wolf

Captain Burke Eieger commands the Ettapendienst, Germany’s most vital espionage network. Due to his unique capabilities, Hitler places him in command of Operation Grey Wolf – the top-secret plan to build the Fourth Reich abroad. In this role, Eieger shelters billions in financial and military assets overseas and develops escape plans for top Nazi officials.

At the pinnacle of his success, his friend, pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer, reveals evidence of a holocaust! This shocking revelation forces Eieger to choose between his loyalty to the Reich and his duty to humanity.

With his life and those of his family on the line, what will Eieger do?

Escape of the Grey Wolf

America’s top spy, Burke Eieger’s mission is to capture German technology and scientists before the Russians. When Eieger learns that Hitler possesses an atomic bomb, the news shakes the Allies to the core!

Can Eieger stop Hitler from launching his vengeance weapon? Can Eieger prevent Hitler from escaping to South America and building the Fourth Reich abroad?

It’s a race against time with millions of lives hanging in the balance!