About the Author

Kent Giles is an American author who writes historical fiction, Christian fiction, and self-help. Kent lives in the North Georgia Mountains and enjoys kayaking, fishing, shooting sports, and fitness. Kent earned his Masters in Public and Private Management with a concentration in Healthcare Management from Birmingham Southern College and an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Samford University. Kent and his wife Ginger have three children and enjoy travel and the theater.

Operation Grey Wolf

Kent’s latest novel, Operation Grey Wolf focuses on the war hero, Captain Burke Eieger. As our story begins, Eieger is running a top-secret German espionage network and survives a harrowing mission. His heroism and background as Germany’s top spy soon propel him into Hitler’s inner circle. As the newly appointed leader of Operation Grey Wolf, Eieger is charged with laying the foundation for Fourth Reich. At the pinnacle of his success, Dietrich Bonhoeffer reveals evidence of a dark truth – the Final Solution.

Will Eieger keep his loyalty oath to the Fuhrer or his allegiance to God?

Kent’s first novel, Red Sky at Morning is a modern thriller in which Jack Reagan helps the CIA identify the greatest threat in US History. Being faithful followers of their religion, Caliphate leaders, code-named the 12 Dark Men, construct a plan to “take out” the US and NATO. Their diabolical plan could remove the US and its allies from power and create a One World Order.  

Can Reagan convince the Washington bureaucrats and Pentagon to act in time?  Will America survive? What world will emerge?